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A place where my gift's for Organization and Photography are entwined.

              to {the} Nest


Welcome to two different businesses that are intertwined together, 

Photography and Organization.

Let me introduce myself...

I am a native East Texan, Veteran, Mother, and a Wife 

with the timeless southern name,  Leona Lynn.

I would love to share either one of my gifts with you and your family.

If you are looking for someone to either capture your special moments or assist you in your home I can do one, the other or both! 


Caldemeyer Nest Photography 

was created out of a love for capturing moments from a perspective that we don't always

see or remember. 

Life is short, so I aspire to not only capture the moments that inspire you to keep pushing towards your dreams but, to also help you

live your best life.


Assess {the} Nest 

was created out of a passion for organizing, designing, and transforming lives. I love working

with families to streamline

their lives and spaces.

Whether you want me to work with you side-by-side or simply need me to do it all for you, I look forward to helping you make your space

work for you!

Keilah Johnson

Leona is very professional, efficient, kind, and well... she is the best! I am a new mom with time and focus stretched thin. Leona came in and completely turned my home into the "one day" daydream I've had for about a year now. I HIGHLY recommend Assess the Nest Professional Organizing for your home!


Leona is Amazing! I was hesitant in having someone come help me get my closet decluttered and organized but desperately needed it. She is just what I needed- not pushy or overstepping but enough  advice to help me make decisions. I am also able to look at my wardrobe in a whole new different way now! I am 100% pleased with my experience and will definitely be hiring her again. Highly recommend!

Pam Grace

Leona has been coming to my house for two months now. She is Amazing! She is very sharp and actually has a gift for organizing. She blows me away with all the cool ideas she comes up with. She has helped me to love my home so much more. Every room is now beautifully organized. She has helped me with so many different projects. I can't say enough good things about her. She is honest, always on time, works hard the whole time she's here, and does an exceptional job. She's the best organizer Ive ever hired and I will continue to hire her because she just makes my life better! Thank you Leona!

Tiffany Smith

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East Texas Photographer &

Professional Organizer

Tel: 903-736-6142

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