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Photography Inspiration

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Do you ever have ideas and aspirations to try something no-one would ever expect you to do? This is how it all began. In this blog post I'll share with you how I began my journey into photography.

{The} 1st Photo Shoot

It was my daughters Sophomore Prom and she volunteered me to take her #prom pictures with her and a few of her friends. We have always had a really great camera and lenses so I agreed to this task that was extremely out of my comfort zone! After the shoot was over and I began looking through all of the photos she and I were really amazed at how much of a natural gift I had to capture these moments with her and her friends.

At this time in my #life I was wanting to find a #hobby and this just happened to be right in my wheel house so I began throwing around some ideas for a name and a logo and it just blossomed from there. So many times in my life I have always felt like #entrepreneurship was not something I would be successful at. Once you get over the fear of failure the sky is the limit! I realized I was selling myself short so many times for reasons that made not one ounce of sense.

I encourage you all to take that leap of faith into adventures and journeys that you feel unequipped in because what you will discover is that you are more equipped than you ever thought possible! Follow your #dreams because if you don't you'll never know what you are capable of!

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