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🎄No.11 of 12 Organizing Tips

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

🎶 On the #Eleventh Day of Christmas, Assess {the} Nest gives to YOU... Tip No.11 of #Organizing Tips! 🎶

Since we are in the #Season of giving I wanted to share with you 12 Organizing #Tips that can be very helpful for you and your #family if you are finding yourself overwhelmed with your belongings!

Tip No.11 🎁

Locate paperwork with these tips!

🎄Act on it!

🎄Trash it!

🎄 File it!

🎄File your #paperwork weekly so it doesn’t accumulate into a mountain of filing that you dread addressing or ultimately ignore.

🎄Before you start filing, separate the pile into categories so you can view and assess each category as a whole.

🎄 A good filing system has a category and subcategory for every paper you need to store. It keeps necessary papers easily retrievable, and keeps you on top of bills and other important documents.

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