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🎄No. 2 of 12 Organizing Tips

🎶 On the Second Day of Christmas, Assess {the} Nest gives to YOU... Tip No.2 of Organizing Tips! 🎶

Since we are in the Season of giving I wanted to share with you 12 Organizing Tips that can be very helpful for you and your family if you are finding yourself overwhelmed with your belongings!

Tip No.2 🎁

Let yourself let go!

🎄Ownership is overrated when in comes to certain items! Don't get wrapped up into feeling like you need to own something to be able to enjoy it.

🎄In reality, we may get more pleasure out of borrowing or renting something. It's a fact that anything we own requires that we clean it, maintain it, and insure it. This all takes time and energy!!!

🎄Be open to alternative ways to access and items that you may want.

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