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🎄No. 1 of 12 Organizing Tips

🎶 On the First Day of Christmas, Assess {the} Nest gives to YOU... Tip No.1 of Organizing Tips! 🎶

Since we are in the Season of giving I wanted to share with you 12 Organizing Tips that can be very helpful for you and your family if you are finding yourself overwhelmed with your belongings!

Tip No.1 🎁

First we need to determine if your clutter is, well, clutter.....

Clutter can be really difficult to recognize at times because it becomes part of the normal space we've created. Clutter or excess of our stuff usually doesn’t show itself until we can’t find what we're looking for, or realize we have purchased something we already had – costing us time and money. is a tip on how to determine if you have clutter:

🎄Take a photo of the space in question... then zoom in on the photo. 🎄Then ask yourself how does your stuff make you feel? Do you use it all? How often? 🎄Then think about how your life would feel if the space was tidy, leaving room to grow?

If your stuff makes you feel overwhelmed and out of sorts, your stuff is no longer serving your home in a way that makes you thrive and feel positive so... reanalyze your space or if you need help reach out to me @903-736-6142 and I'll help coach you along so we can tackle some of this overwhelming clutter!

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