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🎄No. 4 of 12 Organizing Tips

🎶 On the #Fourth Day of Christmas, Assess {the} Nest gives to YOU... Tip No.4 of Organizing Tips! 🎶

Since we are in the #Season of giving I wanted to share with you 12 Organizing #Tips that can be very helpful for you and your #family if you are finding yourself overwhelmed with your belongings!

Tip No.4 🎁

Tackle one of your closets with these four quick tips!

🎄#Remove all of your extra hangers!

🎄Utilize those hangers in another closet, #donate them, or take them to your local recycling facility.

🎄If you have piles of clothing taking up space.... hang them up, relocate the clothing to the #laundry, dry cleaners, or donate them.

🎄Set your timer for 10 minutes, and quickly remove clothes that you absolutely no longer want, clothing that has seen better days, or you can't wear any longer. Take action to throw the clothing away, sell them, or donate them.

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